We prepare dinners according to a new menu each week. All meals are available in the following portions:

  • Kiddies: R25 per meal
  • Standard: R65 per meal
  • Large: R75 per meal
  • Low carb. Large R75 and medium R65 per meal

MENU FOR  27-30th MAY 2019

 Monday: NORMAL: BEEF CURRY served on basmati rice with oven roasted sweet potato

and baby marrow carrot tartlet.





BEEF CURRY served on sweet potato mash with baby marrow/carrot mix.

and green beans.




KIDDIES:  BABY STEAK PIE carrot/baby marrow tartlet and

oven roasted sweet potato.



Tuesday:       Normal:
TUESDAY : LOW CARB.: NORMAL : SWEET AND SOUR PORK placed on Chinese noodles served

with pumpkin pie and green bean/potato chip mix in tomato relish.

SWEET AND SOUR PORK placed on cauliflower rice with oven roasted

pumpkin pieces and green beans/sweet potato pieces in tomato relish.

KIDDIES:  MINI PIZZAS with pumpkin pie and green beans.







CHICKEN STROGANOFF served on pasta rice with seasonal vegetable mix.

LOW CARB : CHICKEN LAZONE on cauliflower rice with

helping of seasonal vegetables.

KIDDIES.: CHICKEN SOSATIE  on pasta rice with baby carrots and corn.


  THURSDAY : NORMAL :   CURRY MINCE served on rice with creamy potato bake and

oven roasted butternut with honey and nuts.

LOW CARB.:  CURRY MINCE served on sweet potato mash with oven roasted

butternut topped with honey and nuts and broccoli topped with lemon butter sauce.

KIDDIES :      PANCAKES filled with mince topped with cheese sauce with butternut and peas.

FRIDAY :                                   MEALS ONLY DELIVERED TO LARGE FIRMS.

NORMAL :     CRUMBED CHICKEN STRIPS with potato wedges and broccoli and cauliflower bake.

LOW CARB.:  COCONUT CRUMBED CHICKEN STRIPS with sweet potato wedges seasonal veggie mix.

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