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Jumbo wholewheat subs

Hi ,

Try our new wholewheat subs : Filling consists of Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber with the following added : CHICKEN MAYO (or)


HAM (or)


This meal comes with and small side salad (35R)

We are also making salads please contact (0767803049) to find out about  the salad of the day.

New: Frozen meals!

Taste like Home now offer the following frozen meals for your convenience:

  • Frozen Chicken Pie: R115 for 1.2kg
  • Frozen Beef Lasagna: R125 for 1.5kg
  • Frozen Macaroni & Cheese: R75 for 1kg
  • Pepper Steak Pie :   R175 for 1.2kg
  • Butter Chicken :       R125 for 1.2kg

For more information, or if you have requests or suggestions, please contact us.