We offer a wide variety of platters on  that serve 10-12 people.

We make our platters on day that you require it, so that they are freshly made.

Please contact us for prices on our Platters.

Platter 1 : Quiche Variety *

  • Quiche Lorraine;
  • Ham Quiche;
  • Asparagus Quiche;
  • Spinach and Feta Quiche;
  • Mushroom Quiche;
  • Roast veggie Quiche
  • Butternut, nuts and Feta Quiche;
  • Biltong (biltong cheddar and blue Cheese topping)


Mini croisants;

Breakfast cups (filled with bacon, mushrooms and topped with baked egg and cheese.

Pork or Beef mini sausage;

Bacon, mushroom and tomato sosaties;

Ham and bacon pinwheels;

Mini fruit kebabs.

Platter 3 : Savoury Munchies

  • Cocktail Rootis (filled with coronation chicken and curry mince);
  • Mini meatballs (served as sosaties with pineapple and mini tomatoes)
  • Cheese and mini tomato sosaties.
  • Mozzarella rolls (chopped lettuce, tomato and bacon;
  • Mini samoosas (meat or chicken or vegatable);
  • Chicken mini sosaties.

Platter 4 : Sundowner Elite *

  • Tasty meatballs served as sosatie with pineapple and mini tomatoes.
  • Chicken winlets (or) chicken sosaties (or) chicken drumsticks;
  • Cocktail beef sausages;
  • Bacon, mini tomato and baby potato sticks
  • Mini chicken Pies (or) Steak pies
  • Cucumber cups filled with chicken may (or) tuna mayo.

Platter 5 : Mini burger platter (Please place this order 3-4days ahead we have to place orders for rolls)

  • Mini beef burgers;
  • Mini chicken burgers;
  • Mini boerewors rolls.

Platter 6 : Mini Breadroll platter (Please place this order 3-4 days ahead we have to place orders for rolls)

  • Fresh bread rolls filled with a variety of fillings and attractively served on bed of lettuce.

Platter 7 : Big break platter (This platter have 64 mini bread triangels on it)

  • Selection of freshly prepared Sandwiches with an appetising variety of fillings served on a bed of lettuce.

Platter 8 : Deadly Sins platter *

  • Mini cheesecakes;
  • Mini apple tartlets;
  • Mini milktarts;
  • Mini red velvet cupcakes;
  • Choc. Brownies squares;
  • Koesisters.

Platter 9 : Fruit Platter

-A Kaleidoscope of seasonal fruit accompanied by a fruit yoghurt dip.

Platter 10 : Crudites

– A colourful selection of crispy seasonal vegetables served with cream cheese dip.

Platter 11 : Cheeseboard

– A selection of baby gouda, Camambert, Tussers, Blue Cheese, Cheddar

Gouda and cream cheese accompanied by variety of biscuits.

* Choice of any 4 items.

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